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CFSK is a non-profit organization established in 2002. In its thirteen (14) years of existence and functioning, the organization has distributed over three hundred thousand (350,000) personal computers fully installed with requisite software and deployed in over ten thousand (10,000) Public Secondary and Primary schools, Technical Institutes, Teacher Training Colleges, Medical Training Centres and Universities throughout the country. The organization runs a comprehensive technical maintenance support programme for the distributed computers and other devices to ensure operational efficiency.  CFSK has also taken an initiative to install power generators, establish Local Area Networks and internet connectivity in a number of institutions. The organization has also initiated and developed a digital multimedia teaching and learning resources specifically for secondary school curriculum, by providing both teachers and students with invaluable modern tools that stimulate learning. Up to date, CFSK has steered computer proficiency trainings to over hundred thousand (about 100,110) school principals, Education Officers and teachers.

Kenya’s urge to adapt technology has instigated the import lesser quality and used devices, where massive numbers become obsolete in a short period of time and their disposal being hazardous to the environment.    In its quest to preserve, conserve and protect the environment, CFSK established the first e-waste management facility in Kenya – the WEEE Centre located at Embakasi - Nairobi, for collection, scraping of fractions, recycling and safe disposal of all electronic devices and materials.

CFSK’s administrative and operational model has been acknowledged as an ideal, with ongoing efforts and attempts to replicate the same in the East African Community (EAC) region and other African countries. Owing to the successful implementation of its activities in Kenya, CFSK has aided in establishment of similar ICT programs in Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan, Nigeria, Botswana, Ethiopia, Namibia, and DRC. In 2014, CFSK was nominated to host and implement the TechSoup Global Programme – which is a software donation program aimed at empowering the non-profit organizations in Kenya. CFSK is the only Microsoft authorized refurbisher (MAR) distributor in East Africa able to do pre-installation of software for all refurbished computers in the region.

CFSK works in close collaboration with communities, private sector corporations, civil society organizations, and international charities and development partners for the long-term good of the nation. The success of CFSK is directly attributed to this close partnership, as a result of which an estimated 15 million individuals in Kenya now have access to information and communication technologies.